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You’ve Got a Face For Radio

The world said, “WHO?!” when the “stars” for this season’s Dancing with the Stars cast was announced.  Who the hell is Mike Catherwood?  Great question.  It’s one I asked myself.  Mostly annoyed by his made up last name, I Googled to find out who exactly this “star” was.  

A quick search revealed that he is a “radio personality” who guest hosted on Regis and Kelly with Kelly Ripa.  Um, last time I checked a radio personality does not a celebrity make.  As a matter of fact, there’s a little saying about the fine folks who flood our airways with pointless ramblings.  ”You’ve got a face for radio.”  

Granted, “Psycho Mike” (his on air moniker) is more fortunate looking than most of the radio world, but it became clear to me that plenty of radio personalities actually think that they are “famous.”  Let’s clear up a few things: 1. you’re on the RADIO, 2. While yes, Bob down the street in Podunkville, USA might think you are famous, the rest of the world has no idea you exist, 3. you are airtime filler and quite honestly, most of us would rather just listen to music than listen to you lament over your personal problems. Shut up and crank up the tunes.  

That said, you are a radio dj.  You are meant to be heard, not seen.  And most importantly, you’re not that famous. 

Photos courtesy Access Hollywood

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