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Model Behavior

Why is it that every single girl on the planet at one point or another thinks she is a model?  

Unless you are signed with a legitimate agency and are steadily booking jobs, you are not a model!  Having some creepy photographer snap photos of you in your bikini and posting them on your Facebook or Myspace does not a model make.  

"But… but… he shot me for free! I didn’t have to pay for the photos!”  Of course he agreed to shoot you TFP (trade for prints) once you said you were game to shoot in lingerie and partially nude! 

If you’re under 5’8, over 110 lbs, and pushing 25, you don’t really have a future as the next Petra Nemcova.  It’s the sad, sad, awful truth.  

This isn’t America’s Next Top Model.  You’re not fooling anyone with your TFP prints and you, my dear, are not that famous. 

photo courtesy of Glamour Pixels